Female / Male Scenes

Patrick returns home from a stint in rehab. His wife, Carol, has to make a decision when she sees he quickly loses control and abuses her.

ALL THAT GLITTERS (comedy / drama)
Helena, now a major television star, pays her ex-fiancée, Luke, a surprise visit one Saturday morning, more than a year after she walked out.

BEST FRIEND (comedy / drama)
Emily waits for her best friend, David. He is supposed to be helping her buy a car this morning. He is late - again. But today is the day when she says "No More" ...

BRAND NEW DAY (comedy)
Noah and Amy have worked together for almost a year. He comes to her desk to ask her out, but has to tread carefully because she is still grieving the death of her fiancée.

Philip is waiting to see Dr Charles when Melissa, an actress with a very important audition this afternoon, arrives and charmingly entwines him in the whirlwind that is her life.

Without ever meeting, Rhonda and Jason share the common experience of spending Friday Night at home alone.

Matthew catches his girlfriend, Jessica, doing drugs with, and kissing, his rival Brian Davis, at the end of high school party. She tries to convince him that it was nothing.

Colin is trying to comfort his pregnant wife, Lisa, who can’t cope since he left her but although he’s sitting opposite her, he’s actually dead, and she can’t hear him.

LOVE LIFTS US UP (comedy / drama)
Hannah has arranged a surprise party for her boyfriend, Aidan, a serviceman coming home from a tour of duty. But when he arrives, it’s obvious he has been badly affected by his time at war.

LUCY LOU (drama)
Samuel comes home to find his wife, Hayley, has had another bad day with their baby, Lucy. Samuel tries to console Hayley, but when he goes to pick up Lucy from her cot, he realises she’s not breathing.

Stuart confronts his sister, Penny, about $100,000 which has gone missing from their mother’s bank account, which was to pay her Nursing Home fees for the rest of her life.

Dominic was the popular football jock at high school, but when he sees Nicole several years after he mysteriously left town, she uncovers the dark secret that’s sent his promising life spiralling downwards since.

PRE-NUP (comedy)
Anna and Daniel return from a disastrous dinner where she met his parents for the first time, and where - to start with - his father called her a whore.

Laura has made special effort to look nice to meet Benjamin’s work colleagues tonight, but she finds out he’s ashamed of her job as a waitress.

Sylvie is at home on a Saturday morning with a face mask, foils in her hair and toe nails mid-painting when Andrew, who is on crutches and wrapped in bandages, knocks on her door looking for Steve, her flatmate.

Justin and Sarah, bump into each other at a bus stop on a rainy afternoon and their verbal sparring reignites their attraction to each other. Each subtly lets the other know that their long term relationship is not going too well.

SORRY (drama)
After searching for his girlfriend, Rachel, for 3 days, Ryan comes home to find that she’s locked herself in the bedroom of their flat.

WAITING (drama)
Vanessa’s mammogram showed a lump in her breast, and she’s had to come back for more tests. She and her husband, Nathan are about to find out the results.

WE MEET AGAIN (comedy)
Jessica and Matthew meet again 10 years after their end of high school party, where he walked in on her kissing another boy even though Jessica and Matthew were in a relationship. They haven’t spoken since.