Male / Male Scenes

Brad is not coping well with intensive chemotherapy and his fiancé, Janet, has left him temporarily. His brother, Michael, comes to his aid.

CAMPFIRE (drama)
It’s the morning after a heavy night of partying, and Rick wakes to find out that his best mate Jamie, believes he’s accidentally killed Rick’s little brother, Billy.

Actors Jackson Garrett and Sean Davis are both waiting to audition for the same role in a TV Soap Opera, and a game one-upmanship takes place, with two skilled players.

Brendon and Nicholas try to rob a house in the middle of the night, to complete a drunken dare. But they’re not exactly natural burglars and things don’t go as planned, especially when we find out whose house they’ve broken into.

GLORY DAYS (comedy)
Old classmates Zac and Danny bump into each other in a bar one Saturday night. Eventually they each confess their lives haven’t panned out the way they’d hoped when they were at school.

Rick comes to save Jamie from the self-destructive path he’s been on since he accidentally shot, and killed, Rick’s little brother, Billy.

SUPER FISH (drama)
Superstar swimmer, Travis Mitchell, lost an important race last night, and his coach, Adam, tries to make him realise that his newfound publicity demands have affected his commitment to swimming.

THE PROPOSAL (comedy / drama)
Jack and Alex have been seeing each other for a year or so, and Jack is ready to settle down. But the younger Alex needs more time.